Time Flies


time flies

By Cathy Thurber

The old adage, “time flies as you get older,” sure seems to be the truth, especially around this time of year.  Why is it that in your 30s or 40s it seems the month between Thanksgiving and Christmas runs like a train barreling down the tracks?  Those two weeks prior to Christmas are gone if you happen to take a nap one day.  And yet, I hear younger children dramatically spout how Christmas takes forever to get here.  That’s okay, I remember being young and feeling that way.

If you’re my age, you remember the big magazines that would come out around Thanksgiving – especially the JCPenney Christmas catalog – and you would mark down all the toys and clothes you hoped to see under the tree.  I would write my Christmas list weeks ahead of time and then wait impatiently for the day to come.  In the 1970’s, most kids wanted Star Wars toys and figures.  The 1980’s brought forth the long lines and mothers fighting for Cabbage Patch Dolls.  The 1990’s?  Well, those were taken over by Beanie Babies and Tickle Me Elmo.

So, what are some of the big toys this year that everyone wants?  Well, if it were up to my teenage son it would just be Xbox One games.  If it were up to my daughter it would be a new Polaroid-type camera.  Yes, I’m not kidding – a digital instant camera that gives us an updated version of the “shake it like a polaroid” picture.  While I was shopping for said camera I found it quite interesting that one of the big toys this year is Star Wars figures again.  And in Target I found an entire rack of updated “retro” toys from Fisher Price, including the Music Box Player and the Chatter Phone (which has a cord and handset – kids will be stumped!).  It seems like we are going back to things that many of us 40-50 year olds remember from our youth.  Perhaps that is a way for us parents to bring back some of the nostalgia of Christmas time?  Maybe it helps us remember a time when we didn’t rush around for the entire month of December.  When we didn’t have all the deadlines or the drama surrounding these few weeks prior to Christmas day. Instead it was a time to anticipate joy and fun.  Because, I tell you, I would rather live by the sentiment that “time flies when you’re having fun,” than some adage about getting older.

cathyCathy Thurber has over 10 years’ experience in the insurance industry and likes to think she’s learned a few things along the way, one of which being to not take herself too seriously.  She would love to say she has as many cool expertise’s as her fellow blogger, Ken Kukral, but she’s just not as old as him.  Cathy is a voracious reader and a total word nerd.  Most importantly, she’s been married to her favorite person for almost twenty years and has two kids that she actually likes.  However, the dog is her favorite child and she’s been wheedling for a cat for years.  Perhaps this is the lucky year?

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