In A World Where Email No Longer Exists


Editor’s note: Danial Jameel, co-founder and CEO of OOHLALA.

Imagine the death of email. It’s hard to picture not having an inbox inundated with messages from friends, family and co-workers, constantly demanding your attention. But let’s leave that aside and focus our attention on the workforce.

More and more people are bringing collaboration technology tools with them to work. With this in mind, is it really that hard to imagine a world without email? In the coming years, we will see the emergence of innovative communication technologies that will almost completely reduce our dependence on email. And here is why.

 Hello, millennials

Perhaps the greatest threat to email is millennials. Defined as a generation tied to their smartphones, millennials send an average of 181 texts a day, according to Mobile Marketer. As a result, they value instant gratification and receiving information quickly above all else.

A strong proof point to this claim is the education system. Colleges…

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