Two more years…

By Cathy Thurber

Two more years.  That’s all I have left at home with my daughter before she goes away to college.  I will then be the only female left in my household.  I am not anticipating a ton of enjoyment out of that, as the boys never seem to want to go shoe shopping.  I just don’t understand why not.

I am lucky that I have these next two years, though!  A close friend of mine just relinquished her daughter up to the care of a state university.  Said daughter is having the time of her life already.  My friend – for as much as she couldn’t wait to send her child out – is sad that she is gone.  And she worries about her daughter, of course.  If you are also one of those parents who just sent a child out to the great big world of higher education, I have some tips from Oprah’s website written by Daphne Oz:

  1. Remember that he/she is still a kid. Be prepared for them to make stupid choices occasionally.  But don’t worry, they will learn from them.
  2. They still need their parents. Call and see how they are doing, if they need anything.
  3. Let them learn for themselves. Give them the affirmation to be confident in themselves. Give them some space to let them grow.

If you would like to see the entire article (which is a good read for you college parents), here it is:

In any case, I wish all you parents out there some good luck as you release your children to the next phase of their lives.  It can’t be easy; I know I’m not really looking forward to it.  And good luck to all those teenagers ready to go out and conquer the world.  I hope you work hard and get everything you are striving for.

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