3 Helpful Tips on Transferring a Call

By Cathy Thurber

One of the easiest statements to use in business seems to be, “I can’t help you…let me transfer you to the right person.” It’s also one of the hardest to hear when you’re the one being transferred. There are many times during the work day where a person calling in ends up with me and I’m not the correct individual to speak with them. It makes it worse when you know that you are already the second or third person to speak with them. Sometimes it can’t be helped…this may be the first time the individual even dialed your phone number but they have already called two other places, only to be jockeyed around there. However, if you are the first person to take the call within your company, here are a few things to do in order to help the customer:

1.    Make sure that you know exactly where you need to transfer the individual to, even if that means asking them nicely to hold for a moment for you to verify. You don’t want them to be handed off a few more times after you speak with them.

2.    Try to get the necessary information from the caller at the beginning, so they don’t have to explain their request to more than one individual. If you know right away that you are not the correct person for them to speak with, then kindly let them know that. Tell them that you will be happy to get them to the right individual.

3.   Consider giving the customer the contact information for the person you are transferring them to, just in case they are disconnected. This is also beneficial in case the issue is unresolved or the customer needs to contact that individual in the future.

No caller wants to waste time being transferred from one person to another. It’s just frustrating. But if we can do our best to make sure they get to the correct person quickly (and kindly) then we can only enhance their opinion of our business.

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