Grammar Police

By Cathy Thurber

In my house I am known as the Grammar Police.  While I may not always get it right, I’m usually pretty close to being accurate.  I don’t always stay true to form when I blog, but that is mostly because I write like I think….kind of a “free verse” thing which spurs my imagination.  However, 99% of the time I like things to be said and/or written correctly.  I even throw in the commas and other punctuation when texting.  It drives me nuts when people don’t text the full word or make some kind of text “shorthand.”  Truly, I feel like texting is slowly killing the beauty of our language.  Not only that, it just looks ridiculous sometimes.  And don’t get me started on misspelled words or using the incorrect word in a sentence (for example: too, to, or two).

So, when I came across Weird Al Yankovic’s new song, “Word Crimes,” I fell in love.  Literally (or would that be figuratively?)  As usual, Weird Al does a fabulous parody of a popular song (Blurred Lines, in this instance).   Have a listen to his latest hit….and you can thank the Grammar Police later.

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