Mix Up Your Music

By Cathy Thurber

The other day someone asked me what my favorite genre of music is.  As my friend Jen knows, I can never answer a “favorite” question with one simple answer.  It just doesn’t happen.  But, to me, music is like books.  It’s always important that you try and read different genres.  Don’t just stick with romance…combine it with some sci-fi or a suspense thriller.  Throw in some Stephen King horror and even add in a non-fiction once in a while.  I truly believe it makes you a well-rounded person.

The same goes for music.  I love music….all different kinds.  Sure, I do like some kinds more than other.   Country and pop are probably my “go to” genres.  However, any day of the week, depending on my mood, you can find me listening to 80s hair bands, new world artist Enya, rapper Eminem, or the jazz of Manhattan Transfer and Harry Connick, Jr.  Throw in some musicals, big band, 50s do-wop, and 60s Motown.  Whatever my mood I will find something that fits.  Just like with books, I think you should always mix it up and learn to appreciate different styles.  Each has its own unique quality.  Each contains lyrics that can touch your heart or meld with your soul.  Music is a way to express yourself and all your different emotions.   Go ahead, try those other styles of music.  Your heart and soul will love the sound.

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