Library Love

By Cathy Thurber

Libraries – they are my favorite place.  When I walk into a library I immediately relax.  I just love the smell of books.  I like to be able to wander the stacks and find something which triggers my curiosity, so much so that I could spend hours walking the aisles and reading a bit of every book.  I always have at least two books out from the library at one time (not to mention the CD’s I borrow), whether they are for me or my kids.

My sister was nine years older than me and when she went to college I used to spend an extraordinary amount of time in her room, just to feel close to her.  It was there that my love of reading began.  I cut my teeth on Janet Dailey, Stephen King, and Terry Brooks between the ages of ten and thirteen.   So, I was an eclectic reader from the start, switching from romance to horror to fantasy.   By the time Chris came home from college I had added Danielle Steele, John Saul, and Dean Koontz to my repertoire.  All of this early – and heavy – reading ended up being a bonus for me as my reading level in early high school was equivalent to a senior in college.  That’s probably why I ended up getting a degree in English Literature.  Of course, I did find that I liked certain genres better and that as much as I did like to read, there were certain books (Moby Dick) and short stories (The Yellow Wallpaper) that I could barely get through.  After college, I settled into reading specific genres that I liked and I am still an avid reader today.

I believe it’s important that everyone have some type of book they like to read, whether it be romance, horror, fantasy….even a comic book!  You should always have a book that you are working on reading, and the same should be true for your kids.  It’s amazing what good reading skills do for children.  And the best place to start is your library.  Bring home some new book, or something you loved but haven’t read in a while.  I’m thinking of re-reading Fahrenheit 451, or even To Kill a Mockingbird (my two high school favorites). Go ahead, visit your library.  You never know what new treasure you’ll find.

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