Continual Improvement

By Cathy Thurber

The renewal date for my insurance license is coming up quickly.  As much as I understand the necessity for continuing education in order for my license to renew, there are times I dread it.  It’s a pain, especially when you wait until the last minute (like I tend to do).  However, I always come out the other side of my classes knowing more and appreciative of that fact.

My children were questioning me the other night as I was working through an online class.  “You already have a degree and a job – why do you have to keep doing this?”  And my favorite (from my 10-year old), “Does this mean I’ll be going to school FOREVER??”  That was said with so much shock and despair that I think I laughed for a good five minutes.  You see, my husband was also working on homework at the time because he has gone back to school.  What he’s doing is so much more impressive than my continuing education because he is completely changing careers.  I’m incredibly proud of him.  We’ve talked to our kids all along about how it’s important to continually improve yourself and I know they can see that with their dad.  I don’t think they truly realized that other people did it, too – even if the person isn’t switching careers.  It ended up being a good chance to talk to them about improving yourself wholly as a person.

We were able to stress the fact that it’s not just education that’s important, but improving who you are in general.  It’s good to work at becoming a better person all around – your education, your impact on your community and the environment, and your spirituality.  How you give back to yourself and to those around you are important ideals.  Every person is a piece of the puzzle that is mankind.  How you relate to others and treat others is vital.  Your self-worth and convictions are what make you who you are (personally, my faith is the backbone of who I am).  It is so important that children grow up to realize this.  By us showing our kids that we continually try to improve ourselves in all areas, it is my hope that they will learn to be the same.

Take the time to show the children (or people) around you that who YOU are is essential.  We may be the average, ordinary person but that doesn’t mean that we stop learning, growing, and being a significant member of our family, community and humanity in general.

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