The year of me

By Cathy Thurber

Everybody has resolutions at the beginning of a new year: losing weight, going back to school, focusing on the positive.  This year, I’ve decided I’m going to be selfish.  The whole of 2012 will be completely dedicated to me.  Why am I just focusing on myself?  Two reasons: 1) I’m not getting any younger; and 2) I’m missing my life.

It hit me the other day that I don’t just need to lose weight.  I need to completely revamp my life.  I have to start taking care of myself.  This involves more than becoming active and putting healthy food in my body.  I have to take the time to relax a little, to actually get some sleep, and to make sure I’m taking all my vitamins and everything the good doctor prescribes.  I must think of my entire well-being, because who else will do it for me, day in and day out?  Only me.  And if I don’t look at my whole health then I may not be around as long as I want to be.

That also means I need to slow down.  I realized this when I was on Facebook the other night (how ironic that I was on a social media site and had this epiphany).  A friend had posted a picture of her eight year old son right next to a picture from when he was four.  The difference was amazing.  I started picturing my daughter at four – who is now almost fourteen – and thought to myself, “where did the time go?”  I know I’ve been there with her while she’s grown up, but it seems like yesterday when I could gather her little body in my arms to hug her.  Now she’s taller than me!  And my son is starting to look and act like a young man, not a boy.  I feel like I’ve been so busy trying to get through life that I’ve actually missed it.  And that’s it, isn’t it?  You shouldn’t get through life; you should actually live your life.

So, this year will be all about me, reconnecting with myself and those I love.  I have to take care of myself because I don’t want to miss any moments in the future with my kids and husband.  Life is good and I plan to take the time to enjoy it.  I hope you do, too.

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