Holiday happiness at the stores

By Cathy Thurber


Last blog I wrote about Black Friday and how negative some shoppers are.  I’ve spent a few weeks shopping since then and wanted to take this time to point out a few places I visited that actually enhanced my Christmas spending spree.  It’s always good to point out the positive, isn’t it?  So, in random order, here are my top three picks for stores to shop in this Christmas season:

Five Below – Not only can you find a ton of fun stuff – all $5 or below – the people that work there always had a smile on their face.  For a little store, they kept it pretty tidy and stocked.  And I can say that honestly, as I think I shopped there more than any other store this year.  Stocking gifts were never so easy!

Old Navy – Another store that I shopped in more than once this season – and, I went back not only for their clothing (which I love) but because my shopping experience every time was wonderful.  First off, there is nearly always a sale, and I’m all for saving money!  Secondly, walking in the door there was always someone nearby to welcome you – or say goodbye when you left.  There were always people on the floor tidying things up and willing to help you find anything you needed.  A “shout out” to the lovely lady who was my guinea pig, and tried on jackets I wanted to buy my daughter.  Not only that, but each individual I ran in to, from the floor to working the counter had great personalities and made you want to come back.

Nordstrom – I had heard about Nordstrom’s great customer service before this, but had never shopped there.  I went in to pick up a gift this week and had probably the best customer service experience ever.  The gentleman at customer service was kind, thoughtful, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure I was happy with my purchase.  He was so good, that before I knew it I was signing up for a store card!  Talk about a smooth operator… was like silk!  My husband and I both left the store even happier than when we’d walked in, and determined to come back and shop more.

You don’t always hear about the good times shopping during the holiday season.  But, when you can be in a rush and still realize that you’ve received good customer service, then I feel it’s important to recognize such places.  So, if you still have a little bit of shopping left to do in the next few days, maybe try one of the stores up above.  Hopefully your experience will be as good as mine.

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