Harry Potter and the movie that ended it all

By Cathy Thurber

The Harry Potter saga has ended.

While I raced to the movie theater on opening night last week, eager to see the final installation, my heart was saddened.  This was it…..the last movie.  There wouldn’t be any more after this. 

I’ve been watching the Harry Potter movies since they first came out.  I had read the books and knew I needed to see the movie, which did not disappoint.  It was easy to get immersed into the series and follow along with Harry and his friends at Hogwarts.  The battle between good versus evil has always been a favorite of mine, and Harry’s story was the epitome of that struggle .

Each movie that came out seemed to take longer and longer, my eagerness barely contained every time.  I would see one movie and then wait impatiently for the next to come out.  I know that tons of fans around the world felt the same.  You could see it in the theater when all the kids – and some adults – would come dressed up as their favorite character.  We couldn’t wait to see the next book turned into a visual delight.

And now…….what is left?  I have no more Ron and Hermione to look forward to.  No more of Harry’s moodiness and spectacular escapades.  I feel bereft.  What do I look forward to?  (My daughter’s emphatic answer: Twilight Saga!!)

Well, so long, Harry.  Thanks for all the memories spanning the years.  Thanks for giving me something to look forward to every summer or Thanksgiving.  It was great while it lasted.  I’ll see ya on the re-runs.

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