An Ode to Days Inn– Chattanooga

Oh, Days Inn Chattanooga,

How you let us down.

Your double bed room

Really made our family frown.

Non-smoking, it decreed

On the suite door,

Yet the stale smell of cigarettes

Seemed to rise from the floor.

The room – it was tiny;

The bathroom – really tight.

It was a very good thing

That we had packed light.

Cracked tiles in the lavatory,

Sloppy mending all around;

Apathy for good work

Was exceedingly abound.

The most frustrating part

Of the entire night’s stop

Was realizing the linens

Reeked of smoke, bottom to top.

From the smelly bed sheets

To the lumpy beds,

There was no point

Trying to rest our heads.

And then upon exiting

The very next day

No compensation was given,

Just a “Thanks for your stay,”

Even though we had advised

The room smelled like an ashtray.

Well, Days Inn at Chattanooga,

We will not stop another time.

Your squeaky front door

Will not sound its chime,

For staying at your motel

Is just an abomination

To our poor backs, our nostrils,

And any hope for relaxation.

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