Why American Express Sucks

It’s with great pleasure that we induct another company into the “Shameful Service” Hall of fame. It all began the day we had left for Argentina for our family vacation and we were advised that they were cancelling our card due to a “possible” compromise. Now to global travelers this becomes a huge problem. Its complex but in a nutshell it could mean a disastrous situation for a family abroad.  Now understand we are one of those card holders that get the black titanium card ( I know you think we are really just whiney @$$holes ) The experience all began with a supposed manager who has the brains of  a gnat. When we pleaded with him that he was putting us in a horrible situation and we were going to be left high and dry in Argentina he said that it wasn’t his problem and that we should have brought enough cash with us. So the brainless gnat was telling us to break the law and carry illegal amounts of cash on us. Congratulations Gnat boy. When we asked to elevate this he says there is no one else to talk to and that he is the “messiah of American Express”. He claims this is for our protection. ( just an FYI . read the consumer credit protection I’m already protected you mindless ignoramus, you’re protecting you) After much arguing and pleading the mutant brained self proclaimed messiah promised to get us our new card in the next 24 hours but two weeks later after traveling from city to city we still received no card despite the 8 different calls we made to the global assist department. Not only is this organization a lesson in a company that can’t take accountability for their actions but one that can’t live up to their promises. They not only can’t fix their mistakes but can’t make amends for them. Perhaps this is the reason that monopolies shouldn’t exist.  What’s amazing is that American Express did this for $20 charge and it cost them probably more than $200 in expediting, phone calls and other expenses. ….  and most likely it cost one of their top customers. Congratulations gnat boy.

Hello Visa… Now that’s priceless

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