Spring Has Sprung

By Cathy Thurber

Here in Cleveland, we’re always used to crappy, never-ending winter weather.  It seems it snows from October through May.  Snow or not, there is one thing we always look forward to – the beacon of light that declares spring is here.  No, it’s not the intermittent 50-degree weather that we receive occasionally (and only a day at a time, every other week).  It’s not even the crocus and daffodils poking their heads out of the ground.  No, the wonderful, gut-wrenching, hope-inspiring announcement of spring is that commanding shout of “Play Ball!!”

Yes, ladies and gentleman of Cleveland, the Indians’ Home Opener was April 1st against the Chicago White Sox!  This year, the weather seems to want to cry foul at spring trying to edge its way back into Cleveland.  With snow still on the ground, we had a 40-degree temperature day that carried a good chance of rain.  I sure hope that all the fans dressed in their winter gear and brought an umbrella!

As for me, the crack of the bat and the seventh inning stretch can’t get here fast enough.  As pretty as I think the snow is, I’m sick of it.  And Cleveland, although we get kicked around in every sport, is always a hopeful place to be at the beginning of a sports season.  We want to win.  Actually, it’s even more than a want.  It’s a deep yearning that each of us feels….if only we could just get that chance to prove ourselves once more, to be the city we know we are.  Yes, we had a bad season last year.  Yes, we’ve frequently blown our playoffs when there shouldn’t have been a question of winning.  But what do we have left, if we don’t have hope?  And for as depressing as media outlets and surveys seem to want to paint us, Cleveland is always ready to give ourselves another chance to win; another chance to hope, even if we end the year in despair and lost chances.  Next year will be better, we tell ourselves.  And we truly hope that it is.

Spring is that time of the year when you can just barely peer around the corner to summer; when hope bursts forth in a tide of flowers, warmer weather, and baseball.  Second chances abound.  As Clevelanders, we know this.  We warily forget last year and look forward to what could be….what can be, if we’re at our best.  So, for those of you attending the games this year – I want to hear a lot of cheering!  Hopefully, the Indians prove themselves to be the team we are waiting for, the team we know they can be.

Let’s Go Tribe!

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