It's the Simple Things

By Cathy Thurber

Growing up, my parents couldn’t drive anywhere without passing houses or certain locations and proclaiming, “I lived there when I was eight,” or “I remember when this was all land and we could ride our horses through it.”  Eventually, I would be able to announce the location before they could – along with an eye roll and a mouthful of sarcasm.  I figured that once I was on my own I could drive through town without any tributes to useless information.  Oh, how I was wrong.

Enter my husband.  When I first met him, he worked for Collinwood Concrete, pouring concrete throughout Greater Cleveland.  Now, instead of who lived where, I was treated to the repetitive phrase, “Hey – I poured concrete there.”  Fantastic.  It actually became an inside joke every time we passed a new set of steps or a roadside curb. 

Then I got a job in insurance.  After working for IEA for six years, I find myself driving through town, seeing a bar or some other type of business and announcing to all within earshot, “Hey – I write their insurance!”  That’s right, people – it’s MY turn!  I‘ve found that I can’t go anywhere in and around Cleveland without seeing a renewal of mine.  It’s pretty cool to be able to see what I am writing and “put a face to the name,” so to speak.  And the best part?  I can now annoy my children as much as my parents annoyed me!  Plus, I’ve written so many renewals that I believe my “I write their insurance” passes up my husband’s “I poured concrete there.”  Ha ha!!  Who’s the useless information champion now?  ME!  (Hey, I’ll take the accolades where I can get them!)

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