Record Storage & Destruction Professional Liability Policy Highlights


Coverage Highlights

  • Coverage Included For:
  • Unintentional or Untimely Destruction of Documents
  • Unintentional Release of Information
  • Technology Breach or physical taking of private information resulting in:
    • Identity theft
    • Compromised security
    • Unauthorized acquisition or use of private informationNotification Costs including:
    • Notice to individuals of a breach of private information under any Privacy Act
    • Notify and monitor the credit reports for affected individualsCrisis Management Costs including:
    • Use of a public relations firm
    • Printing, advertising, mailing or travel in connection with a crisisCosts incurred in investigating or establishing the existence of a breach of private information
  • Employee Dishonesty (other than for principals, directors, officers)
  • Violation of any federal, state, or local statutory or common law relating to private information such as (but not limited to) HIPPA, Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, etc.
  • Claims Settlement Basis is Pay on Behalf of vs. Reimbursement – the policy will pay on your behalf to settle a claim or judgment instead of you having to pay and then get reimbursed.
  • Low Minimum Premiums
  • $1,000,000 Policy Limits with Higher Limits Available
  • Manageable Deductible Options
  • Streamlined Application for Ease of Completion
  • Underwritten by A.M. Best Rated A+XV Insurance Company

Written: 7/9/09

Brian Paulozzi

Oswald Companies

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